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“Their vision has become our haven for creation…”

“I have performed in the West Falls Center for The Arts many times, and each time exceeds my expectation.
Carolyn and Bill have created a warm, encouraging atmosphere in which performers, of any kind of music or art form, are encouraged to create at their highest level. Their vision has become our haven for creation.
They also haven’t left the younger generation out by having young performers from all over the area get an opportunity to perform.
We should all be thankful for their generous contribution to the community and the arts.”

Bobby Militello

“In my own backyard..”

“After 40 years of watching Bobby Militello play all over Buffalo and WNY, I am so grateful that now I get to watch him in my own backyard!”

Natalie Johnston

“When I attended my first event at the West Falls Center for the Arts, I had no idea that I would be walking into a venue that would make such a positive impact in my life…”

” Since that first open music jam, I have attended numerous events that have uplifted and inspired me and connected me to a community of people that share a love of music and art. I am thrilled to have found a gem of amazing worth tucked into the heart of West Falls.

Enjoying and participating in the events at the Center, especially the wonderful variety of music, is like receiving a gift that stays in your heart and no matter how much you share it, there’s always more than enough to give.  My experience at the Center has given me creative inspiration; it’s a place where I’ve laughed with delight and my soul has been deeply moved by an artist’s work.  It’s a place where I’ve been embraced and encouraged.  The Center lays the foundation for connection, growth and experiences with others that is from the heart and so very beautiful.  As from the first event, I continue to be excited to support the vision of the Center and experience the variety of creative opportunities available.  A deeply felt “Thank You” to everyone that makes the Center possible and for the love behind the work.”

Sharon Jeffries

“I am inspired, more confident, and can feel the fire that has been lit within me…”

“I am grateful for having had the opportunity to sing at the West Falls Center For The Arts. The crew there believed in me before I believed in myself; and so one could say that this is where my singing career truly began. Eight months later, with continuous support from Bill and Carolyn Panzica (as well as various musicians,) I am inspired, more confident, and can feel the fire that has been lit within me. Walt Disney once said, “Many hands, hearts, and minds generally contribute to anyone’s notable achievements.” I am living proof of this, and have the warmth, creativity, and motivation of the West Falls Center For The Arts to thank. 

    – Ava Savarino, 15 yr old blues and jazz singer

“From the moment we walked in, we felt there was something special about this place…”  

“My husband and I were so pleased to attend a concert at the Arts Center last week.  From the moment we walked in, we felt there was something special about this place.  

The West Falls Art Center immediately felt like home and as we perused the events calendar, we were so pleased to find that we could participate in some of their programs.  

We are grateful to the wonderful group of individuals who have put so much effort into creating such a unique environment for learning, sharing and caring.

We look forward to helping with the Thanksgiving Dinner this year and more events in the future.”

Sharon Dittmar